Music Concerts

Summer Concerts will take place on Tuesday 4th July at 2pm ( for Years 2-3) and Thursday 6th July (for Years 4-6).

This term we have started up Horn Park Orchestra, who practise on Thursday lunchtime.  So far we have around 20 children playing instruments which include xylophones, keyboards, violins and recorders. They will perform during the summer concerts.  

Year 3 are doing very well learning the recorder.  We're enjoying 'Recorder Karate', and we've awarded lots and of White Belts, Yellow Belts and some Orange and Green Belts so far.  They will also perform in the summer concert on Tuesday 4th July at 2pm.

Year 5 and 6 are working hard learning songs for their summer musical 'Matilda' - taking place on Friday 14th July (Albert & Year 6) at 1.45pm.  Monday 17th July (Richmond & Year 6) at 6pm.

Rocksteady continues to be popular - we have 5 different bands who practise every Wednesday morning.  We're are looking forward to hearing them play in our Rocksteady concert on Wednesday 19th July at 9.15am.

We have around 35 children learning to play instruments with a tutor this term - these include piano,guitar,violin,recorder and ukelele.  We're looking forward to hearing some children performing solos in the summer concerts, taking place on Tuesday 4th July at 2pm (Years 2-3) and Thursday 6th July (Years 4-6)

KS1 and Reception will be performing in a song sharing concert on Wednesday 12th July at 2pm.