SEMH Provision

Miss Waite

Miss Noel


Ash Class

Ash Class is a specialist provision within Horn Park Primary School which provides support to children who may struggle with the dynamics and challenge of a mainstream classroom.   Ash class provides children with a comfortable learning space which is a blend of ‘home’ and ‘school’ in order to build strong relationships with children - enabling them to develop positive behaviour for learning and boost their self-esteem.

Ash class is divided into a morning and afternoon session. The morning sessions are based around the priniciples of 'nurture provision'.​ ( Providing opportunities for children to undertake formal learning in a more relaxed and supportive environment. With a high staff to child ratio, children are able to take risks, make mistakes in a way in which may minimises the anxieties which can occur in a mainstream setting.

We have recently launched our new afternoon provision which focuses on developing children's social and emotional wellbeing. The sessions provide children with an opportunity to share and discuss their feelings in small groups. As well as social skills sessions children take part in various foundation subjects such as DT, computing, cooking, art and science.

Drawing and Talking

Drawing and Talking is a safe and easy to learn serial drawing technique for use with children or young people who have suffered trauma or have underlying emotional difficulties. It supports those who are not realising their full potential, either academically or socially.  The purpose of the method is to encourage children to draw with a person with whom they feel comfortable at the same time each week. The trusted person will ask a number of non-intrusive questions about the drawing and over time a symbolic resolution is found to old conflicts and trauma is healed.

Working with the children needs to be carried out safely and non-intrusively, with respect for their own pace and state of being. This is why anyone using Drawing and Talking learns to stay in the world of the child’s drawing. The child sets the pace and decides what to bring to the session. Once they feel safe, their imagination begins to unfold.

After completion of Drawing and Talking Therapy, children are more able to control their behaviour, better able to access an academic curriculum and most importantly have higher self-esteem; this allows them to thrive in the world around them. We want all children and young people to have the opportunity to achieve and develop the skills and character to make a successful transition into adult life.

Which children benefit?

  • Have suffered trauma
  • Have been or are in the process of being adopted or fostered
  • Suffer because of separated or divorced parents
  • Are young carers
  • Are suffering from the effects of domestic violence
  • Suffer from anxiety, stress or phobias
  • Have suffered loss or bereavement of any kind
  • Are withdrawn or continually unhappy


Wide Horizons

The wide horizons project is designed to promote outdoor learning opportunities for children who may be struggling at school. The program provides children with various team building activities that enable them to strengthen their resilience and perseverance. Children can take part in making fires, building bird cages and cooking. The program is designed to give children opportunities to discuss their feelings within a small group focusing on a different emotion each week. Such as, forgiveness. This is a 10 week program with children have opportunities to involve their parents at a mid-point and at the end of the program. Children are chosen based on their particular strengths and difficulties and the skills they will bring to a particular group. Thee class teacher sets targets along with the staff who run the program and these are reviewed at various points throughout the program.