School Council

Our school council is a group of elected children from years 2 - 6, who work together to represent the views of all our children in our school. In doing so we hope to improve the school so that it meets the needs, and fulfills the potential, of all our children who attend.

Some of the aims for this year and the future ahead include:

  • Working towards the Anti-Bullying Mark
  • Working towards achieving Healthy Schools status
  • Organising fundraising events for chosen charities

Some of the work that the school council have carried out in previous years has included:

  • Working with architects to design trim trails for our playground
  • Setting up bird boxes outdoors to attract wildlife into the school grounds
  • Setting up a recycling system for the school
  • Carrying out Healthy lunch box surveys

"The school council improves the school." - Oliver

"It's an opportunity for children to get involved." - Fantasia

"It means the school can hear what children want and think about the school." - Marcel

Spring 2016

The school council are going to be focusing on anti-bullying this term. They will be looking at the school's anti-bullying policy to see how the language of the policy can be changed so that it can be better understood by children. The council hope that by doing this they can make it easier for children who are being bullied to know what help and support the school can give them. They also hope to create anti-bullying posters to go into all classrooms to highlight the problems of bullying and the school zero tolerance approach towards bullying. Council members will be talking with their classes about bullying and encouraging students to look at the anti-bullying policy themselves. 

"Looking at anti-bullying means that we can make the school safer." - Aimee

The school council will also be helping run a fruit tuck shop for pupils in the school. They will be helping to prepare the fruit and hand it out to other pupils during playtime. Pupils will have to ask for their fruit in Spanish and members of the school council will be making posters of different fruits and their Spanish translations. The tuck shop will happen once a week to begin with but if it proves popular the school council are keen for it to happen more regularly. 

"The tuck shop is a good thing because fruit is very healthy for children to have." - Oliver

"We had the fruit tuck shop last year and it was very popular. It's really nice to get it back again." - Fantasia