The Anti Bullying Quality Mark is a national award that enables schools to demonstrate to parents, OFSTED and others that the safety of children is taken seriously and bullying is not tolerated. Over the next 18 months, we will be working towards achieving this award. School Council members will have a very important role to play, as will be meeting two to three times a term to discuss the steps we need to take in order to achieve this award. We have started by reviewing the anti-bullying policy, and children have been tasked with finding out from the children in their classes, how they define bullying.

Summer 2016

This week we met and thought about the subtle signs that show that bullying might be taking place. We thought that it would be beneficial to provide this information in the anti-bullying policy, so the councilors are going to discuss this with their class and represent their views at the next meeting.

Spring 2016

This term the school council will be focusing on our anti-bullying policy and will be looking at ways to make it more accessible to parents and students. They will also be trying to increase understanding throughout the school about what bullying is and what the school does to tackle any occurrences of bullying.