This Week's Learning

Nursery: This week in Literacy we began to read the story ‘Journey’. We then used our own magic pens to draw items which we would like to come to life before discussing why we may need them. In maths we began counting different amounts of cars and representing the number of cars using our fingers. In Reception this week we have began to look at a new book called ‘Journey’. The children have made predictions about what will happen and we have had lots of discussions about where she may go next on her journey. In Maths we have been learning about positional language. We have explored the outside area following and giving instructions. We have also started to create our own self portraits, using mixed materials.
Reception: This week in reception has been very exciting. We had a visit from a librarian called Petra, we read and shared our favourite books with her. In Maths we have been singing number songs and practicing our shapes. We have also enjoyed a dance lesson with Mr Bowes.
Year 1: We have been continuing our learning journey on 'The Naughty Bus' in English this week. We have been exploring adjectives and how we can use them to describe objects. We have then been applying this in our writing whilst retelling the story of the Naughty Bus using pictures to prompt us. In Maths this week, we have been focussing on number bonds. Different combinations of numbers that equal the same amount e.g. Number bonds to 10 - 0+10=10, 1+9=10, 2+8=10 etc. Children have had the opportunity to explore and investigate number bonds in different ways, including the use of numicon. Following on from our trip last week, in Science, we have been developing our understanding of the different parts of a plant (roots, stem, leaves, flower). We also discussed our trip and wrote a recount of the day.
Year 2 :In English this week, we have been developing our understanding of story structure by becoming storytellers. We have used our focus text, The Wizard of Oz, as our inspiration and we have tried very hard to include some interesting vocabulary in our story-telling. Leading on from this, we have started writing our own versions of the Wizard of Oz after planning. We are also starting to edit as we go, checking our work for punctuation and exciting vocabulary. Our Maths learning this week started off with looking at the relationships between inverses and trying to solve problems in many different ways. We then moved on to partitioning numbers and we tried to find as many ways as we could of splitting numbers into tens and ones. Our Science experiment is coming on very well and we are starting to be able to discuss which variables affect the growth of cress seeds. We have also learned about seed dispersal and found it fascinating how many ways plants have found to spread their seeds.
Year 3:In Maths this week, we have been working more on our addition and subtraction fluency. We have been adding and subtracting tens from three digit numbers using a range of resources to help us visualise the numbers in our minds. This will really help with our mental strategies! In English, we’ve embarked on our new learning journey- Alice falling down the rabbit hole! We have been building our use of verbs and adverbs, as well emotive language and the physical responses to these we have. We experienced these by dipping our hands in cold water to give ourselves a “sweaty palm” look and we found rope to see what a “knot in our stomachs” would look like! This will all help us write a short narrative about this tense moment for Alice. In Science, we are continuing to observe out plants’ growth based on the variable we are testing. We also learned more about the features of the plant’s petals, stem, roots and leaves and even found that leaves made food for the plant in a process called “photosynthesis”!
Year 4 :In Maths this week, Kew have been working on rounding to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000. We remembered our rule of “4 or less let it rest and 5 or more make it soar.” In English, we started to look at World War 1 heroine Flora Sandes. We compiled facts on her life and have started to think about how we can write her biography. Lambeth class have had a workshop this week. It was an accessible theatre workshop with the company Graea. They learnt about both World Wars through drama and puppetry to help them learn about key figures of the past.
Year 5: Both Albert and Richmond class had their first trip of the school year this week. We ventured to the Horniman museum and explored their fantastic range of exhibits. In Maths we have been focusing on angles, firstly consolidating our understanding of acute, obtuse and reflex angles. We have then applied this knowledge to estimating the size of angles, before using protractors to accurately measure and draw angles.
Year 6: Year 6 are back together again this week! We have been busy finding out what we have all been up to in Wales and back at school. In Art, we have been doing some close drawing and painting of poppies, linking to our WW1 topics. Publishing is coming along well and we are realising the importance of editing and improving our writing. We have also been working ultra-hard on our assessments and planning for sharing assembly.
Sycamore Class: In Maths children have been revising their knowledge about 2D shapes. They have been guessing what shape could be just by revealing part of it. Once they guess what the shape is, they have been sorting them by equal characteristics, such as the same number of sides. In Literacy children have enjoyed continuing their learning about the ‘The Enormous Turnip’. This week the focus has been on recognising and labelling characters and animals from the story. Children have been encouraged to use simple adjectives to describe what they see. We have started the very exciting Write Dance Approach which uses music and dance to develop the skills needed for writing.
Millennium Class: n English we are continuing to explore the story of Alice and Wonderland, the children are predicting what happens at the end of the story and sequencing the whole story. In Maths we are continuing to strengthen our knowledge of number sequences. We also have participated in an accessible theatre workshop, learning about a variety of puppets and having the opportunity to then create our own using different materials.