This Week's Learning

Nursery: This week, in literacy we continued to read the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ we retold the story using pictures before writing our own book reviews. In maths we have been looking at the different 2D shapes and their properties. Later in the week we helped The Rainbow Fish to find the different shapes described by the Wise Octopus.
Reception: This week in Maths we have been learning about shapes. We sorted 2D and 3D shapes and then discussed how many sides/faces the shapes have. In Literacy we have been looking at fabrics from around the world. We looked at the patterns and then created our own patterns and painted them using special fabric paints.
Year 1: In English this week we have continued our work on The Ugly Duckling. We wrote about what happened in each part of the story in the past tense. In Maths we started learning about division. We worked with a partner using unifix cubes and dividing mats to share equally. In Science we went for a walk around the school and used our different senses. In Art we continued to learn about colour mixing, shading and tinting.
Year 2: In Year 2, things have been wrapping up nicely for our final week. In English, we have been finishing our missing chapters of Matilda entitled ‘Amanda Thripp’s Revenge’ – we have had a lot of fun thinking up nasty plots to get our own back on the vicious Miss Trunchbull! Also, we have used many literary techniques such as repetition and onomatopoeia to make it interesting for the reader. In Maths, we have been getting very practical and hands-on with our learning this week. We have been measuring height and length around the classroom, finding things that balance with various weights (1kg was the hardest!) and measuring the capacity of water bottles. We have also been reading measurements on thermometers and weighing scales too. Our final science lesson of the term has been about grouping and classifying ourselves (in the producer / consumer masks we made previously) as producers, primary consumers and secondary consumers. We have really enjoyed learning about food chains this half term!
Year 3: This week in Maths, we have been continuing to apply the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to money. We have learned how to find the difference between amounts when giving change! In English, we have been publishing our ‘Beegu’ inspired narratives- we can’t wait to show you these at parent’s evening! We have also been using our Geography knowledge to help us write a report comparing two European countries and regions. We have had a great term- please encourage us to continue using Times Table Rock Stars at home!
Year 4: In Maths, the children have started to re-cap their knowledge of money. We looked at the place value of money and what each number represented before putting these into word problems. In English, we continued to explore the setting from our class text The Island. The children took on the role of the lead character and wrote a descriptive account on his journey to the island and what happened when he arrived there.
Year 5: This week in maths, we have been exploring reflection and translation. We have consolidated our learning around coordinates and can now confidently describe shapes that have been plotted in a four quadrant grid. We have also been able to reflect and translate these shapes. In English, we have been continuing with our narratives based upon a particular segment of our class text, ‘Goldfish Boy.’ Writing from the perspective of the main character Matthew, we have had to develop our skills for writing informally alongside developing an author’s voice to ensure our writing sounds like it is coming from Matthew.
Year 6: All thoroughly enjoyed their trip to The Maritime Museum at Greenwich finding out all about the Titanic and people who were on it. They have enjoyed lots of follow up work writing diary entries as people on board when the disaster happened. We have also been investigating lots with measures in Maths and having fun creating our own Aboriginal Art
Sycamore Class:In Literacy we have continued our learning about the ‘The Rainbow Fish’. This week we have been developing fine motor skills, receptive and expressive language by creating individual aquariums, which can be seen on display in our classroom. In Maths we have been working individually in revising different topics, such as sorting, number recognition and following instructions. In History we will be creating a family tree in class with the help of our parents. Finally, in our Food for Fun session this week we will be using the spaghetti we bought in the shop to make Rainbow Spaghetti!
Millennium Class: This week in Literacy we reflected back on the book of ‘The Giving Tree.’ We looked at how the tree was used to help the boy and how we can be a better person throughout our school day, to help others and to be kind. Our maths topic this week is learning about different positions and focusing on identifying positional language. We have been focusing on the language ‘on, under, behind, next to and in.’