This Week's Learning

Nursery: In Literacy this week we are reading the book ‘The Pirates Next Door’. We have been looking at pictures of the principal characters in the story and describing them, before comparing them to ourselves. In maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge of number by counting pirate treasure coins and matching to the correct number. Later in the week we then began to count two groups of pirate treasure to find the total.
Reception: In Literacy we have finished reading The Kiss That Missed and are now writing about the middle and end of the story. In Maths we have been problem solving. The children had to use their addition skills to crack the code to open the safe. In Art we have been painting the cardboard castles we created last week. In Music we are learning a song about kings and queens.
Year 1: In English this week, we have started our retells of 'Billy's Bucket'. We have included sentence starters, adjectives and inverted commas. In Maths our focus has been multiplication, we have looked at different words which mean the same as 'multiply' and tackled lots of different activities such as making 'groups of' and using clues to create multiplication number sentences.
Year 2: In English this week we have been busy planning a sequel for the story, The Man on the Moon. Our sequels will be about an alien invasion, a disco in space or Bob’s rocket ship crash landing. We have begun to write our exciting sequels and we have been experiment with exciting vocabulary.
Year 3: This week in Maths we have been consolidating out learning from across the year in tests- practising both our arithemtic skills (number sentences and mental maths strategies) and our reasoning skills (choosing the correct answer, explaining why something is incorrect, missing number problems, word problems, etc). The children have loved these and have shown real confidence in their abilities. In English, we have been writing our informative and engaging newspaper articles based on the harrowing Baudelaire fire, from 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'. We've been exploring how we can mix technical vocabulary (Sources claim, It has been reported) with expanded noun phrases and relative clauses to give lots of detail. In Science, we have been investigating reflections in order to help Mrs Robinson 'design' new book bags for our school. We tested different materials for their reflective qualities and scientifically reasoned why a certain material would be the best to use.
Year 4: This week in Literacy, the children have been retelling the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, focusing on using fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases to add detail on how the characters felt and are portrayed in this Greek myth. The children enjoyed describing the climax of the myth and reading their writing aloud to peer assess each other's learning. In Maths this week, the children have focused on their multiplication knowledge and mastering the formal written method of expanded or short multiplication. They have used their knowledge of place value to check their learning and explain why they prefer one method to the other.
Year 5: We have kicked off our final half term in English by getting to grips with our new text, Macbeth. The children have really enjoyed finding out about the characters so far, and predicting what’s going to happen next. In Maths we have been gearing up for our assessments and realising that learning our timetables is very important! See this week’s homework for a free times table poster! In Art, we are looking at Tudor portraits and putting ourselves in the role of an artist whilst in Computing, we are beginning to research what goes into making an App.
Year 6: This week we have begun looking at our new text 'The London Eye Mysteries' after our fantastic trips last week! We are beginning to write a leaflet about how to keep safe in London; identifying dangers and offering advice to tourists. In Maths, we have been continuing to create our revision games and using our arithmetic and reasoning knowledge to write questions and budget for making the game "for real". In the afternoons, we have been working hard in rehearsals for the play; singing our songs, working on our acting skills, as well as making props and set designs. We have also begun the first of our SRE lessons into puberty and change. We are looking forward to the carers fair next Monday
Sycamore Class: This week our class caterpillars have arrived! We will watch them grow over the coming weeks and eventually let them out into the garden as butterflies. In maths we have been ordering and sequencing days of the week and saying what we do on each day. We are continuing our learning of the Great fire of London.