This Week's Learning

Nursery: This week we have been reading the story of ‘Cinderella’ in Literacy we have discussed the how we could describe the different characters in the story and practiced retelling the story by using pictures. In Maths we have been focussing on developing our number recognition skills by posting letters to the correct number doors. We later moved on to matching numerals to quantity by counting the different amounts of shoes left behind by Cinderella.
Reception: This week in Literacy we have been reading ‘Cinderella’. After role-playing different scenes from the book, the children sequenced the story and retold it in their own words. In Maths the children have begun to discuss times across the day and think about activities that occur during different parts of the day e.g. morning, afternoon, evening, night. .
Year 1: This term, we will be writing a persuasive letter to the zoo keeper, to persuade him to free Rainbow bear from the zoo. This week in literacy we have started to think about persuasive language to help us when we begin to write our persuasive letter. This week in maths, our focus has been on multiplication. We have looked at different words for multiplication and completed multiplication activities outside to strengthen our understanding.
Year 2 :This week, in English, we have continued our narrative on the Snow Queen, focussing on the use of short sentences to build tension. The children were also given time to edit their learning and reflect on what they had done well and what they wanted to improve before going on to publish their piece of writing. In Maths, we have started to explore fractions. We have learnt the functions of the denominator and numerator and seen how this looks in shapes as well as finding fractions of amounts. We have started to spot equivalent fractions (for example, two quarters being equal to one half). .
Year 3: In English this week, children have been writing a diary entry linked to the text , Stone Age Boy. They have tried to included contractions (to show how informal the writing is) and past tense verbs (to show that the action has already taken place. 2D and 3D shape has been our focus in maths this week. Children have examined the properties of these shapes and have thought of different ways to classify them. To end the week, children investigated whether there was a link between the number of faces, edges and vertices a shape had, and the type of 3D shape that could be created.
Year 4: In Math we began by recalling our prior knowledge of standard and non-standard units of measure and the benefits of using a standard unit such a centremetres. We applied this knowledge by using our rulers during a problem solving activity using Cuisenaire rods. We then moved on to measuring height, converting between cms and metres, as we used metre sticks and rulers to measure ourselves. For our English learning, we have been writing about Grendel's midnight attack on King Hrothgar's mead-hall. This is from Michael Morpurgo's Beowulf. We have re-written the story from Grendel's perspective and the fight scene was the climax of our first person narrative. .
Year 5: This week we have been writing the first part of our split narrative as Oliver Twist. We are focusing on the chapter where Oliver goes pick-pocketing for the first time! We finished our lessons on time in maths. We were focused on reading the time to the nearest minute and expressing this in digital time and in words. We finally got to make our Victorian peg dolls and marbles which we designed in week 2!
Year 6: This week we have continued our work on the text ‘Once’ in Guided Reading and English, where we have been imitating the author’s voice, as well as planning our own chapters based on our predictions. In Maths we have continued our work on decimal numbers, with a focus on comparing and ordering them using our knowledge of place value. In Science, we have carried out an investigation on lung capacity and have considered what constitutes a fair test. In Maths, we have completed our topic on fractions with adding and subtracting fractions.
Sycamore Class: This week we have started reading our new text 'Peace at Last'. Sycamores are enjoying following the story and repeating Mr Bear's speech 'I can't stand this!' In maths we have been learning about subtraction and linking this to numbers getting smaller. In ICT we have been practicing our selecting and clicking skills using the mouse.