This Week's Learning

Nursery: In literacy this week we have been reading the story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ and predicting what may happen to the Pirates as they begin their quest to find the missing underpants. In Maths this week, we have been counting different amounts of underpants and matching to the number before practicing forming the number.
Reception: In Literacy this week we have been writing about our fantastic trip to Buckingham Palace Mews. In Maths we have been problem solving using all of our number skills. We were able to pick our first courgette from our courgette plant. We all enjoyed tasting it!
Year 1: In English this week, we have been looking at newspaper reports. We have now started to plan our own newspaper report, on the sale of a mouse with big ears. Our Maths learning has been focused on fractions. We have been finding fractions of shapes. We have identified which shapes can be divided equally into equal parts. We have really enjoyed our topics this term.
Year 2: In English this week, we have been focusing on writing a recount of our trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. We worked hard on using sequencing vocabulary and interesting words to show how exciting our time at the observatory was. We finished off our Science experiment by rounding up our data and presenting it in a bar chart. We concluded that the more strenuous the exercise, the faster our hearts were beating to get the blood around our bodies!
Year 3: In Maths this week, children explored data. They revised how to draw a bar graph using data that they had been given. Children interpreted the data from various graphs (pictograms, tally charts and tables) by answering and writing questions. In English this week, children completed, edited and redrafted their newspaper reports. When redrafting, they made sure that they included technical vocabulary such as, ‘It has been reported that…’ and interesting sentence openers like, ‘As a result of….’
Year 4 :In Literacy, the children have been completing their persuasive letter to Theseus. They have been working hard to uplevel and edit their work to include persuasive sentence starters, adverbs and subordinate conjunctions to give strength to their arguments. In Maths this week, the children have been revising their knowledge of charts and graphs. We recapped the different between pictograms, bar charts and line graphs before explaining how we can read the data from each of the different graphs. After this, we had a go at creating our own graphs and discussed the importance of labelling each axis to aid the reader’s understanding. In Science, we continued looking at the water cycle. The children looked at each of the four stages – evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection – and produced a leaflet to show their understanding of the order of the cycle.
Year 5: This week we have really been thinking about how our writing reads and looks to our audience. We have been publishing our newspaper reports based on the murder of King Duncan, working on our use of sensationalism and bias. In Maths, we have been delving deeper into our understanding of 3D shape, creating 3D shapes from nets and recognising 3D shapes from 2D representations. Our Science has lead us to learn more about the life cycles of plants and other living organisms.
Year 6: We have been researching the important historical places and people of Greenwich as part of our History topic and are creating a PowerPoint presentation about them. We have also been reflecting on our time at Horn Park and are creating a video about it using iMovie in our Computing lessons. Our big focus this week has been on making sure our end of year production is perfect for our performances next week!
Sycamore Class: This week we have started out new book ‘The Twits’. We are reading how disgusting Mr and Mrs Twit are and the horrible things they do to each other. In Maths we have been focusing on take away – we have been using ‘Mr Greedy’ to take away lots of objects. In RE we have been looking at Noah’s Ark and in History continuing our learning of the Great Fire of London