This Week's Learning

Nursery: This week in literacy we have been reading the story ‘The Lost Stars’. We began the week by discussing the different emotions expressed by the stars throughout the book before using role play to explore the different ways we could persuade the stars to come back and light up our sky. In Maths this week we have been counting different quantities of stars so that we can then match them to the correct number spaceship.
Reception: In Literacy this week we have been reading the book ‘The Lost Stars’. The stars decided to go on holiday because people weren’t looking up at them. The children have been thinking about what they would say to persuade the stars to come back. In Maths we have been busy solving addition number sentences using different strategies; counting on fingers, using cubes, counting on. In Art the children have enjoyed making their own colourful stars using a spin art machine.
Year 1: In English this week we have been planning and rehearsing our sentences by the end of the week we will begin to write our own versions of the story ‘The lost Toys.’ In Maths we have been working with dienes, numicon and cubes to show how we can partition numbers into tens and ones. In RE we have been finding out about Shabbat, which is celebrated in the Jewish religion. In science we will be continuing our investigations into different materials. We be describing the differences and similarities of these materials.
Year 2: In English this week, we have been delving into advertising! By the end of next week, we will have written our own advert for our Cracking Contraption, the Autochef. This week though, we have been exploring what makes a good advert and have been writing our own facts, opinions and rhetorical questions that will help us with our writing next week. Our Maths learning this week has focused on place value. The children have been exploring their understanding of number and reasoning about which number is greater. They have also continued to develop their understanding of the 2,5 and 10 times tables.
Year 3: In Maths this week, children have revised column addition and subtraction. They recapped exchanging and carrying units, tens and hundred when required. Children used their knowledge to explain what mistakes had been made. In English this week, children continued to write their persuasive letters to Dragon’s Den about their new invention. They have focused on using subordinating conjunctions, rhetorical questions and modal verbs.
Year 4:This week in Literacy, we have continued to be inventors as Year4 received a letter from Wallace asking for their help to create the blueprints and explanations for three household appliances. The children have collaborated with each other to generate imaginative ideas and use cohesive writing strategies to support their explanations. In Math this week, we have practising the skill of multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10 on decimal numbers. The children have used their place value knowledge to support their learning and reason why a decimal number is smaller than a whole number. For our Science this week, we all visited the Wonderlab at the Science Museum. The children had fun engaging with all the interactive areas in this gallery and got to explore why or how something works.
Year 5: This week in English, we have been news reporters, writing about the situation between Sophie and her guardian, Charles, from Rooftoppers. In maths, we have been investigating links between fractions and percentages and finding their equivalents. Science has lead us to think further about the gestation periods of animals and humans whilst in DT we have been learning more about where our food comes from; we enjoyed trying some unusual fruits too! In PE we have been perfecting our Kwik Cricket skills and are excited about becoming Graphic Designers in Computing using Inkscape. Homework: As we are concentrating on units of measure next week, have a go at some of the games on the following website, looking particularly at units of length.
Year 6: This week Year 6 have been completing their mock SATs, in preparation for their real SATs starting May 14th. The children have been working really hard and should be commended for their efforts. In English, we have writing the first few paragraphs of our chapter of ‘Wonder’, following the interactions of one of the main characters – Jack.
Sycamore Class: This week in literacy we have started our new text ‘No Bot – The Robot with no Bottom’. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the book and found it extremely funny. This week we even found bits of ‘No Bot’ around forest school! In Maths we have been using games to help our knowledge of one more, we particularly enjoyed snakes and ladders. This week we went on a trip around London via trains, buses and even the river boat.