This Week's Learning

Nursery: This week in maths we have been exploring using different techniques to support them when counting irregular arrangements of objects. These include putting the objects into a straight line and crossing them out. In literacy we have been researching our favourite sea creatures and will use the facts we find to write an information page on our chosen creature. .
Reception: This week in Literacy we have been writing instructions for our pizza making. The children sequenced the imaged and have been using imperative verbs and time connectives. In Maths, we are learning about distance. We are measuring using different on-standard measures eg. Cubes, hands, paper clips. .
Year 1: This week we wrote a diary entry from Mr. Wolf’s point of view using time openers, adjectives and emotive language. Some of us even used questions and exclamation sentences. In Maths we have been applying our calculation skills into a variety of investigations today and in Music: We have been busy singing songs, using instruments and making hats for our KS1 singing concert.
Year 2: In English this week we wrote our alternative story endings to Captain Flinn, using a range of different devices we have learned about over the year. In Maths we explored measurement this week, measuring length and mass using different tools and in Geography this week we chose a country Grace O’Malley visited (Greece, Spain or Turkey) and researched it using the iPads. We learnt lots of amazing facts! .
Year 3: This week in maths, children have reasoned about different measures. They have converted cm to m, g to kg, and l to ml. Using this information, they have answered a variety of questions and explained their thinking. In English this week, children finished their letters and edited and redrafted in order to have a fantastic final version.
Year 4: In English this week the children have been working hard on their persuasive letters to the government. They have been thinking hard about the reasons why they are against deforestation and using the acronym FOREST to back up their reasons. Our Maths focus this week has been data handling, we starting by looking at different types of graphs and thinking about the information they provided us with. As the week progressed we focus on drawing line graphs to represent data comparing the Amazon rainforest's and the UK's rainfall and temperature. ic.
Year 5: This week, in English we have been publishing our writing inspired by our class text ‘Rooftoppers’ We have also been finishing of our art work on the London skyline silhouettes. In science we dissected flowers to identify reproductive parts of the a flower. In geography we have been looking at London docklands, researching how they have changed over time. Also in this busy week we have been taking part in year 6 rehearsal, supporting them with our singing. .
Year 6: This week year 6 have been continuing to prepare for our performances - we have been working really hard on our musical numbers, scene changes and taking on the role of our characters. In English, we have been continuing with our leaflets about the London Eye. We have also been completing our movies about our last year at Horn Park Primary.
Sycamore Class: We have been learning how to subtract. We used cubes to help us work out the answers to number sentences. We have been singing Ten green bottles and using this some to help us understand subtracting as taking away. In Literacy, Mrs Parara told us a story about a farmer who needed new bricks for his farm house. He went to the shops but kept buying the wrong ones. We helped him make a list of things he needed to help him build the new house. This week, we went to Woodlands farm to see what animals lived there. We saw pigs, chickens and cows. Hannah showed us around the farm and we made puppets for the three little pigs.