Year 2 Poplars trip to Royal Observatory

Poplars had an amazing time at the Royal Observatory.  We began our jorney through Space by visiting the Planetarium.  There we met Ted, who flew through Space looking for the 'Great Bear'.  We explored all 8 planets, finding out facts about each, as well as the Sun and the Moon.  When Ted got home, he realised that the Great bear wasn't living on the Planet, it was a consellation.  After the show, we visited the galleries, looking at space rocks and photographs that children taken of Space. After lunch, we had a 'Seasonal Explorers' workshop, where we met Ted again.  Using a giant model of Earth, we learned about why we have the seasons.  We learned that the Earth sits on an axis, on a tilt, facing towards the sun in Summer and away from the sun in Winter.